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HCA 3 Trust Consultation Ballot

Consultative Ballot UNISON HCA Members

Dear Member 

UNISON is consulting you on a proposed framework agreement, negotiated between UNISON and MFT, WWL and Stockport NHS Foundation Trusts, which will address the banding disparity whereby healthcare assistants employed at band 2 have been undertaking band 3 duties. If the framework is agreed, this would then be progressed to individual trusts for further discussions in order to implement it locally where you work.

UNISON’s recommendation is that you vote to accept the proposed framework agreement.
1. Are you a band 2 healthcare assistant or clinical support worker?
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3. Do you accept the proposed framework agreement for the resolution of HCA banding disparity in your trust, including the provision of back pay for staff who have undertaken band 3 duties but only paid at band 2, and the creation of additional band 3 posts?
UNISON’s recommendation is to accept.
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