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LGBTQIA+ Night Shelter Referral

Guest Details:

Our service does not do self-referrals and we will need a full risk assessment in order to consider your application. 

If you are not being referred by another service or organisation, please contact Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard for advice on this. 

If you are doing a referral for a service user and you have any questions, please email and we will get back to you at the earliest possible opportunity.
We do not have the capacity to answer questions about referrals via phone at this time and we will aim to respond within 24 hours, but this may not always be possible. 

Please do not submit multiple referrals for one individual. If we have not responded to a referral request within two weeks, please get in contact with us on the email above.

Please do not re-refer individuals who have been refused previously. Individuals who have completed a stay at the shelter may be re-referred using this form. 

Our shelter is night only (7pm to 9:30am) and we can only take 10 guests at any one time, so we may need to put individuals on a wait-list or to refuse individuals we would otherwise want to accept if we had higher capacity, a list of other available services can be found here

If you are not accepted at the shelter and you consent for us to do so, we will still use your referral to pass on your details to relevant services where we have the capacity to do so. This may include drug and alcohol support, housing support, domestic violence support and other services. 
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