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Young People's VAWG Survey

We are looking at online violence and how we can stop it. We know that many young people experience online violence, such as cyber bullying, stalking and harassment. We want to understand how widespread this kind of behaviour is, so that we can help people feel safer and happier online.

What you think is really important to us and we want to make sure your voices are at the centre of everything we do. This short survey will ask you about personal experiences of online behaviours and abuse. Some of the language used in this survey is explicit and some people may find it uncomfortable to read, but it's important that we ask the questions in this way so we can understand how young people experience the online world.

This survey is anonymous and your responses can't be used to identify you, however if you provide identifiable details in the open text questions, we have a safeguarding responsibility to share any information where an incident of sexual abuse/violence has taken place and this impacts somebody under the age of 18.

Please don't use this survey to report a crime. If you need to report something please call 101 or use the online 101 service. In an emergency always call 999. If you are looking to report an incident triggered by this survey, please do so via online reporting or 101 ensuring you reference the survey/call for evidence in your submission.

Please make use of the support provided if you need it. The survey will take about 4-8 minutes to complete.