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Workloads, Class Sizes and School Funding

A Survey for Queensland Teachers and Parents

Are you a teacher at a state school? Or a parent with a child at a state school? 

We want to hear from you! We’re running a survey for teachers and parents to get a better idea of the biggest issues facing Queensland state schools – this will help us in the Queensland Greens build the best case to push for fully funding our schools.
1. Are you a teacher, parent or both?  *This question is required.
2. Is your school a high school, primary school, or special school?
2. Do you work full time, part time or as a casual/relief teacher?
2. How long have you been a teacher? 
2. If you could only pick one, what do you feel is the biggest issue facing teachers in Queensland at the moment?
2. How often do you have to work on weekends? 
2. Have you used your own money to purchase essential classroom resources? 
2. How much on average per year do you spend on buying essential classroom resources? 
2. What have you spent money on? 
2. Is this school a high school, primary school, or special school?
2. Are you an active member of your P&C? 
2. Does your school or P&C fundraise for essential school resources?
2. Does your school charge a voluntary or compulsory School Service Fee, subject fees or other types of general school fee?
2. Do any negative consequences apply if you don’t pay school fees (for example, restrictions on attending certain school activities)? 
2. Would you support abolishing voluntary or compulsory school service fees if the funding shortfall was replaced by an increase in government funding?
2. What is your highest priority for improving your child’s school? 
2. Would you support a universal, free school breakfast and lunch program at your school? 
3. Do you believe state schools are underfunded by the state and federal government?
4. Currently Queensland state schools receive 89.26% of School Resource Standard funding, as outlined by the Gonski review. Would you support increasing state and federal government funding for state schools to reach 100% of the SRS funding? 
5. Would you be interested in attending a forum on Sunday 16 October with other teachers and parents, Greens representatives and QTU activists to discuss how we tackle overwork, class sizes and school underfunding? (We can be in touch with details).